UBC Faculty

We can enrich students’ learning experience through a wide range of opportunities in this dynamic community.

UBC faculty interacting with students

It’s a unique way to give students insights and understanding that complement and extend the classroom. We offer a welcoming and diverse shared space that is unique, being part of both UBC and the local community.

Help in customizing coursework

We can collaborate with you to create a community-based learning experience that matches academic goals. We’re flexible, whether you want a presentation on asset-based community development or whether you want to conduct a project or an entire course in the Downtown Eastside. Students can learn here at the Learning Exchange or we can introduce you to local community organizations interested in student placements.

Support from DTES-based staff

From navigating neighbourhood culture, to feedback on a new idea, our staff is available to you. We have local, practical knowledge and experience with a wide range of student learning activities.

Interested but need ideas?

We’re always interested in discussing possibilities for coursework collaboration. New ideas for learning emerge every day in this dynamic community. Contact us to explore what experiences might enrich your coursework by contacting our Director, Kathleen Leahy.

Need general information on community-based learning?

If you are looking for ideas on how to more generally develop a community-based experiential learning aspect into your course, please contact the UBC Centre for Community Engaged Learning.