Who We Are

Connecting learners in the Downtown Eastside

We’re here to connect people – local residents, UBC students and faculty, and community organizations – to learn in new ways. We create a unique shared space for exploring ideas and opportunities, a learning hub where members of the community and the university can exchange experience and expertise.

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Share what you know – learn what you need

This is a place where everyone has something to teach and something to learn. It’s a different way of learning that recognizes both strengths and needs – empowering people and changing communities. We value life experience. Share your interests, knowledge and skills in conversation and computer sessions; guide group or individual learning; or participate in social, cultural and artistic activities.

Spanning boundaries, building capacity for change

As a non-traditional academic space, we’re able to bridge conventional boundaries by sharing knowledge created in both the university and the community. We do this year-round with: