Our Team

Our UBC Learning Exchange team is made up of a talented and experienced group of people committed to building greater ties between the University of British Columbia and Vancouver communities. For us, learning is a two-way street.

This means we work to bring about new connections and partnerships that lead to new experiences for community members, students, faculty, and staff—learnings we never could have discovered on our own.

The current Learning Exchange team is listed below. Contact information is also provided if you have specific questions or are interested in learning more about a program or initiative.

Team Members

Kathleen Leahy, Director

Michelle Stack, Academic Director

Chris Koch, Operations Manager

Dionne Pelan, Digital Literacy Programs Coordinator

Eliza Ong Javier, Operations and Engagement Coordinator

Matt Hume, Student Learning Coordinator

Spring Gillard, English Conversation Program Coordinator

Jennifer Rentz, Drop-in Coordinator

Karen Chiang, Drop-In Facilitator

Nick Ubels, Community Engagement Librarian

Geoff D’Auria, Communications Specialist

Rachael Barton-Bridges, Community Animator

Kathleen Leahy

Tel: 604-827.2329
Email: kathleen.leahy@ubc.ca

Michelle Stack

Academic Director
Tel: 604-827-4770
Email: michelle.stack@ubc.ca

Chris Koch

Operations Manager
Tel: 604.827.2223
Email: chris.koch@ubc.ca

Dionne Pelan

Digital Literacy Programs Coordinator
Tel: 604.827.2325
Email: dionne.pelan@ubc.ca

Eliza Ong Javier

Operations and Engagement Coordinator
Tel: 604.822.9970

Matt Hume

Student Learning Coordinator
Tel: 604.822.9282
Email: matt.hume@ubc.ca

Spring Gillard

English Conversation Program Coordinator
Tel: 604.827.0662
Email: spring.gillard@ubc.ca

Jennifer Rentz

Drop-in Coordinator
Tel: 604.822.6087
Email: jennifer.rentz@ubc.ca

Karen Chiang

Drop-in Facilitator
Tel: 604.827.2772
Email: karen.chiang@ubc.ca

Nick Ubels

Community Engagement Librarian
Tel: 604.827.0905
Email: nick.ubels@ubc.ca

Geoff D’Auria

Communications Specialist
Tel: 604.822.3315
Email: geoff.dauria@ubc.ca

Rachael Barton-Bridges

Community Animator
Tel: 604.822.5396
Email: rachael.bartonbridges@ubc.ca