A different approach

We’re doing something different here in the Downtown Eastside. And since 1999, we’ve seen its positive impact on local residents, community organizations, students and faculty members.

With a focus on innovative learning, we bring people together to help build their strengths and their capacity for the future. Our work is grounded in the value of a learning exchange – the idea that learning is a ‘two-way street’. We’ve created a unique shared space for learning in the heart of a dynamic downtown community.

Strengthening resources

Your involvement helps us offer programs where local patrons learn and lead, students experience real-life learning and faculty conduct community-based research that benefits from lived experience in order to generate new ideas and evidence for practice and policy change.

Changing communities

Your gift will support our efforts to build relationships and bring students, community members and organizations together. By building relationships, you’re helping build community.

To donate today, access our secure online donation form. To discuss opportunities for giving and find out more about our work, please contact Kathleen Leahy, Director, UBC Learning Exchange at