About Us

There’s no place like it in Canada. Where a university joins a community to create a shared space for learning. At this place everyone learns together, with both hearts and minds.

UBC Learning Exchange entrance

It’s the kind of learning that can change the world. We’re a non-traditional academic space in the community and we’ve been here since 1999. We bring people together who might otherwise not connect– we’re a hub where ideas can be exchanged. Our work is grounded in the value of a learning exchange – the idea that learning is a ‘two-way street’.

We welcome and empower people from the Downtown Eastside and the University of British Columbia to build capacity – and create a better future.

How we’re involved

What we’ve learned

That innovations for learning can come from something as simple as a shared space where individual and community strengths are valued.

Where we’re going

We’ve been privileged to inspire others to learn, discover, contribute and get involved. We thank the Downtown Eastside and UBC for enabling this journey – we hope you will continue to walk alongside us as we keep pace with this dynamic community and all it has to offer.