Research Resources

Photo Credit: Leo Hidalgo ( Licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC 2.0.

Understanding research 

Making research work for your community

This document offers a great overview of questions to ask when thinking about partnering with university researchers, including a helpful checklist.

Analyzing outcome information

This guide describes straightforward, common-sense steps organizations can take to analyze their raw data for decision-making purposes.

BC community health data

Health data from the Downtown Eastside can be found by searching by: location > Local Health Area > Downtown Eastside.

Conducting research

Research 101

This manifesto, a collaboration between Simon Fraser University’s Vancity Office of Community Engagement and peer leaders from more than a dozen Downtown Eastside-based organizations, clearly outlines residents’ ground rules and expectations for research in the neighborhood. It is an indispensable resource for researchers who want to engage respectfully.

Research ethics

This list of ethics guidelines compiled by the Homeless Hub includes guidance on research involving Aboriginal communities and homeless populations.

Research charter

This document from the Vancouver Native Health Society provides good guidelines for action-oriented, capacity-building, accountable research and participatory approaches.

Female drug users discuss ethical research

This exploratory qualitative study asks women who use drugs about their experiences with research and their perspectives on respectful engagement.

“Nothing about us without us”

This report demands the greater involvement of people who use illegal drugs in public health planning.

Mobilizing research

Innovation to implementation

This step-by-step guide to knowledge translation (KT) in healthcare is an excellent starting point for assembling a KT plan, as it walks the reader through guided questions, examples and tips.

Knowledge mobilization toolkit

This helpful worksheet provides a useful structure and prompting questions to help the user draft their KT plan, including lists of suggested answers and designated space to create an outline.

cIRcle license

Use this form to deposit your item in cIRcle, UBC’s open access repository, and widen your audience.

Spec Kit 353: Funding article processing charges

This kit from the Association of Research Libraries outlines strategies libraries are adopting to support researchers in paying article processing charges for open-access publication.