Drug Use

Photo Credit: Living-Learning Programs (https://flic.kr/p/zuiFwQ). Licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Below are brief descriptions of selected articles on drug use in the Downtown Eastside. Each featured article comes with an research summary, and its full text has been archived in cIRcle, UBC’s open access repository.

Featured articles

Willingness to access peer-delivered HIV testing and counselling among people who inject drugs

HIV testing through peer delivery may increase access to HIV testing among people who inject drugs (IDU) and lead to early HIV treatment and care.


Employment amongst people who use drugs: A new arena for research and intervention?

There are potentially widespread advantages for people to have access to employment whether or not they are actively using drugs.


Timing of income assistance payment and overdose patterns

The risk of non-fatal overdose among people injecting drugs at Insite was over two times more likely on or immediately after cheque day.


Study finds crack pipe sharing is rampant among street-involved youth in Vancouver

Sharing crack pipes is a risky drug use practice that risks spreading hepatitis C and other infectious diseases.


Studies show user-led safer injecting programs are successful

Injection support team members acted as people that injection drug users could relate to.


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