DTES Research Access Portal (RAP)

Welcome to the Downtown Eastside (DTES) Research Access Portal (RAP). Use this portal to find research, reports, and community-generated materials with a focus on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

About the DTES Research Access Portal (RAP)

The DTES Research Access Portal (RAP) (formerly the DTES Information Hub) is a website anyone can use to access research findings and community-generated materials focusing on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The DTES RAP is an ongoing project of the Making Research Accessible Initiative (MRAi) and a new version of the site will launch in fall 2019. With the refreshed version of the portal, the MRAi aims to facilitate increased opportunities for faculty members, students, community organizations, community members, and other stakeholders to learn from and collaborate with each other. By sharing the results of research, we hope to broaden the positive impact of evidence-based information for everyone.