• Classroom Services Carolling Thumbnail

    UBC Classroom Services Visits to Share More Than Just Gifts

    On December 13th, the UBC Classroom Services team joined ESL learners in a first ever, festive carol sing-a-long, at the Learning Exchange.
  • Annual Update 2011

    UBC Learning Exchange Annual Update 2011

    The 2010-11 academic year marked a significant turning point in the evolution of the Learning Exchange. This report will relate some of the impacts of our work by sharing stories and profiles of success.
  • Strengths of Learning Communities: A Dialogue

    Participants – the learners and facilitators – in the UBC Learning Exchange’s ESL Conversation program are overwhelmingly positive about their experiences in the program. But what, exactly, makes it work so well? And what are some of the challenges?
  • Writing Across Borders: Heart of the City Festival Event

    What happens when writers’ experiences and personalities have always been expressed in and formed by languages other than English, but their new goal is to tell their stories in English?
  • Angels and Demons: Images of the Downtown Eastside

    ‘Angels and Demons’ is the working title of a photography project with several ambitious goals.  It aims to record a Downtown Eastside which many feel is inevitably changing. Another major goal is to have people from all walks of life explore their own attitudes to the Downtown Eastside.  Is the Downtown Eastside the accepting, artistic […]
  • Creating a Mural, and a Sense of Community

    Creating a Mural, and a Sense of Community

    Several murals have appeared on prominent Downtown Eastside walls and buildings over recent years. The UBC Learning Exchange’s “One Project at a Time” initiative is helping to create a mural that, while enlivening a community space, is ultimately about building new connections.