• Two Free October performances of “I love the Downtown Eastside”

    In a new partnership with Savage God Theatre, the UBC Learning Exchange is presenting two performances of I Love the Downtown Eastside featuring a strong cast of downtown eastside performers. This ground-breaking show, directed by John Juliani, shatters stereotypes and reveals the hidden face of the Downtown Eastside from multiple viewpoints. Following the performances, there […]
  • Entrepreneurship 101 and Music Appreciation 101

    -Entrepreneurship 101, supported by HSBC Bank Canada The Learning Exchange is excited to announce a new course, Entrepreneurship 101 starting Wednesday, October 2, 2002. The free non-credit six-month course is taught by UBC Commerce faculty, UBC graduate students, and local business leaders. The course is designed for people who have an interest in starting their […]
  • The UBC Learning Exchange Celebrates Two Years of Productive Partnerships!

    Two years ago, the Learning Exchange established its storefront at 121 Main Street, in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Since then we have been working to develop learning-focused partnerships between people from UBC and people in inner-city communities as a way of strengthening the social fabric of our region. This report briefly summarizes what has been accomplished […]
  • Youth Photography Project

    The photography project was a two-month project, aiming to teach photography to inner-city teenagers. In conjunction with Britannia Community Services Center and the Learning Exchange Chris Fraser ran coordinated photography workshops, lectures and outings for eight teenagers. The group has done field trips to Granville Island, Chinatown, Stanley Park, a commercial studio and a photo […]
  • Strathcona Gardening / Mural Project

    The Gardening Project was an exciting and busy two-month project that Mina Chung and Chris Fraser coordinated in conjunction with Strathcona Elementary School. They spent the first month, May, working primarily on a veggie garden with seven classes from kindergarten to grade two. Taking the children out in small groups they planted, tended to and […]
  • Triage Volunteer Program Creation Project

    The Chapman Summer Project fulfilled an important role at Triage as it created a supportive, structured volunteer program at the society, allowing community members “to develop and implement a plan for the future” as the shelter’s mission statement testifies. The volunteer program was adapted to address the needs of staff and volunteers alike. On a […]