Feature stories

  • Freedom to Learn

    Prof Finds Academic Conversations with DTES Residents Rewarding In early 2012, Rima Wilkes, an associate professor of Sociology, led a seminar series for community members at the Learning Exchange. The seminars took an alternative look at Canadian history and society, covering topics such as First Nations’ rights and the experience of the Chinese in Canada. […]
  • Contributing Through Computers is Getting Results

    The Contributing Through Computers Initiative has played a significant role in realizing the potential of residents, supporting them to make a contribution by sharing their computer skills with their neighbours.
  • Laszlo and Sean

    Zoning in to Learning

    If your heart is pumping like crazy and your brain is buzzing, you’re probably there. Outside your comfort zone. It’s a familiar feeling for Learning Exchange workshop participants where both patrons and students come together to discover something new. Human Diversity Fourth-year students Lena Yuen and Michelle Leong recently facilitated a workshop called “Deconstructing Cultural […]
  • Learning Lab Equals New Possibilities

    Ian started attending Drop-In for the coffee. But when the Learning Exchange experimented with some new patron-led activities, Ian proposed sharing his skills.
  • Ian and Jasmine

    Cartooning Links Local Learners

    When a young mother asked for directions at a downtown bus stop, she had no idea she was about to find a mentor, an untapped skill and a way to help her nine-year-old son discover his special talent. All it took was connections.
  • ESL Facilitators' Toolkit

    Small Grant, Big Difference

    With the support of the Rotary Club of Vancouver Chinatown, the ESL Conversation Program facilitators and learners developed a resource library of items to help newcomers learn English. This new Toolkit is packed with lesson materials like photo flash cards and a Pictionary game, to name a few, designed to be intuitively used by facilitators […]