New Student Directed Seminar Starting January 2009

HESO 449 – Perspectives on Health: Policy, Promotion, and Social Justice

Social justice is not a term commonly associated with health policy, nor is it a concept often used to justify or critique health policy. Within this course we will strive to examine the connection health policy has with social justice, and the extent to which health policies can address health inequities in Canada and internationally. Through this course, students will gain the tools to analyze and critique health policies from the perspectives of health promotion and social justice. Students will also be given the opportunity to understand and apply strategies to mitigate social injustice and inequities in our health system through a three-day community service-learning (CSL) project that takes place over reading week. Students should expect to come away from the class with a broader understanding of some of the intricacies of our health system, and a passion for enacting change.

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