Of Diaglogues and Debates: The UBC Learning Exchange Lecture Jam

Monday evenings have become a time of lively dialogue and debate at the UBC Learning Exchange Storefront. Faculty members from UBC Vancouver are giving free lectures and leading discussions with storefront patrons on a variety of topics.

From “ Critical Media Analysis” to the most recent lecture on “The History of Racism and Modern Race Thinking,” the well-attended lectures are not only an opportunity to learn from the experts, but also a chance for participants to exchange their own knowledge and philosophies.

After a lecture on how economic change in China is altering some Chinese workplaces one participant stated, “I found the subject matter to be well researched, with great anecdotes and stories that spoke to Downtown Eastside residents on several levels.  One could easily see how business interactions influence customers.”  With storefront patrons, ESL program participants, and other community members all engaging in the dialogue, the participants were not the only ones learning.  The faculty members were learning too.  After a discussion on how non-obvious sociology impacts daily life, one faculty member commented, “Some of these people know more about this than my UBC students. They even gave me new information to go home and read-up on.”

Stay tuned to this space for the schedule of new lectures starting in late January 2008.