UBC Continuing Studies Bursaries For Graduates Of UBC “101” Courses

The residents of Hampton Place at UBC recently donated funds to the UBC Learning Exchange to enable graduates of the 101 courses offered through UBC to take a UBC Continuing Studies or UBC Writing Centre course. The candidates will be graduates of Humanities 101, Science 101, Music Appreciation 101, Self-Advocacy 101 or Entrepreneurship 101. This donation has been matched by Continuing Studies, thus doubling the number of student spaces to be made available through this bursary program. Each successful applicant will receive $50 for course-related expenses.

Courses Offered

Ten places have been provided by UBC Continuing Studies Community Programs in the Fall term of 2004. The courses available are all in UBC Continuing Studies Community Programs (Arts, Humanities and Public Affairs) and at the UBC Writing Centre. Information about these programs is available from the following places:

  • Continuing Studies Web site
  • UBC Learning Exchange
    121 Main Street, Vancouver, V6A 2S5
    Tel: 604.408.5164
    Hours: Monday to Friday 1-5pm
  • Humanities 101
    Office of the Dean of Arts, Buchanan B-130
    1866 Main Mall, UBC, Vancouver, V6T 1Z1
    Tel: 604.822.0028


The deadline for applying for this years bursaries is May 28, 2004.

Only graduates of Science, Music Appreciation 101, Self-Advocacy 101, Entrepreneurship and/or Humanities 101 may apply.

  • Method 1: On-line Application
    Applications may be submitted via our on-line application form.
  • Method 2: Paper Application
    Paper applications may also be picked up and dropped off (once completed) at the Humanities 101 office or the UBC Learning Exchange.

Successful applicants will be notified by July 16, 2004. Please note: only successful applicants will be contacted.

Bursaries cannot be carried forward to future terms. Therefore, if a course of interest is not being offered this fall, the applicant must give up the bursary and re-apply in a future competition.